Ghosts, Private Eyes & Dead Guys

Ghosts, Private Eyes & Dead Guys

Gianna Mancini Mysteries, Book 6

From USA Today bestselling author Jennifer Fischetto comes a spook-tacular new Gianna Mancini!

Ghost whisperer, Gianna Mancini, is thrilled to accompany her PI boyfriend, Julian, to the annual Halloween costume party hosted by the law firm he works with. She’s even more delighted when he tosses a sheet over his head and goes as her ghost, as a nod to her supernatural gift. How adorable is he? However, things quickly go from sweet to sour when one of the lawyers at the party is killed… by someone wearing Julian’s costume.

Gianna fully believes Julian when he tells her someone must have borrowed the disguise when he briefly took it off at the party. But she’s about the only one who does believe him, and when Julian is arrested, it’s up to her to prove his innocence.

With help from a couple of the departed from the other side and two new potential gal-pals, Gianna vows to do everything and anything she can to save the man she loves from a life sentence. Unfortunately the real killer vows to make sure that doesn’t happen… even if that means getting Gianna out of the way permanently.

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