Tutus, Fries & Dead Guys

Tutus, Fries & Dead Guys

Gianna Mancini Mysteries, Book 8

July 26, 2022

Gemma Halliday Publishing (July 26, 2022)

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Ghost whisperer, Gianna Mancini, has been communicating with the dearly departed since she was a child. It’s been a lonely gift that she’s kept hidden from everyone other than family and a few close friends. As far as the rest of the world knows, ghosts aren’t real.

Until now…

When dance instructor, Nadia Petrov, is killed and falls into a mirror during her collapse, her spirit seeps into the glass and can be seen by anyone who passes. Much like Bloody Mary, she jumps from mirror to mirror, but unlike the urban legend, Nadia delights in scaring and then cackling at those unfortunate enough to be around—earning her new nickname, Screama Ballerina.

Gianna has no intention of getting involved in solving Nadia’s death until the police question Gianna’s fifteen-year-old niece, who’s clearly lying about something. Now, Gianna must figure out who had it in for the controlling dancer in order to clear her niece’s name and help Screama Ballerina move on. But the killer will stop at nothing to shut Gianna up for good…

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