Jennifer FischettoJennifer Fischetto hears voices.
They tell her to wait in the dark for her next unsuspecting victim.
They tell her to kill.
She writes down every whisper, every promise to frighten.
“Write what you know” is easy when you’ve spent your life plotting murder and revenge on annoying classmates and nosy neighbors.

When not burying evidence in her yard, cooking another batch of poisonous brownies, or dealing with ghosts and other supernatural baddies, she sits in the corner of her creaky, damp basement, writing fun, humorous mysteries for teens and adults–to cover her tracks, so no one notifies the FBI or calls for a straitjacket.

Seen as a nice girl, her friends and family assume her books are filled with diversity, romance, magic, and journeys of strong, smart, sassy women and girls of all shapes and sizes.

Not dead bodies.


USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Jennifer Fischetto, writes the Gianna Mancini Mysteries and Jamie Bond Mysteries series. She watches too much TV and movies, which fuel her never-ending supply of plot ideas, and is an rabid fan of suspense, horror, and everything supernatural. She lives in Western Mass with her family and is currently working on her next project.

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