Two Ghosts & A Love Song Reveal

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I keep telling myself I’m going to start again, and then life and writing get in the way. It’s okay, since writing always comes first anyway. But I am stopping by long enough to share with you. I received the cover for my next book, #2 in the Dead by the Numbers series.

It’s titled Two Ghosts & A Love Song, and it releases in January. I have the blurb below, but I’ll be back with buy links when I get them. 🙂


Gianna Mancini does not have your average problems. Sure, her family is loud, her love life complicated, and her career still struggling to get off the ground. But Gianna has unique problems too…she sees dead people.

And when a small explosion happens not far from her home, Gianna discovers the ghost of Thomas Sterling, son of the Sterling automotive empire. He refuses to move on to the afterlife until Gianna tells his fiancée, Serena, that he loves her. Not one to let the dead linger, Gianna locates the woman and passes on the message…but nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

One message from the beyond turns into a warning to the very much alive, and Gianna suddenly find herself trying to keep Serena safe. Between her duties to the dead, auditioning for a singing gig, and trying to get rid of Freezer Dude, a pesky ghost from her past, Gianna has her hands more than full. With help from her boyfriend, Julian, and her cop brother, Enzo, Gianna needs to find the killer fast…before she end up on “the other side.”


It’s a grave condition that makes one crazy with too many ideas. I’ve suffered from it since 2005. Probably before, but the symptoms became most profound at that time. There is no cure. The temporary relief is threefold. It requires focus and determination and deadlines. It’s easy to not follow my treatment and end up in the midst of an ideaitis episode.

Do you suffer from ideaitis too? How do you combat it?

Writing Accountability

IMG_2154I belong to a writing community called Romance Divas. It’s a fabulous place for authors of all experience levels, and while the majority write romance, some write other genres with romantic elements. Like me. 😀

There’s a section of the forum where A Diva has started a post each month, and anyone interested in “joining” up posts their goals for the month. Then we post daily what we accomplished that day, how our goals are coming along. We don’t always make our goals, but I’ve found these monthly threads to be super important to my writing.

It’s a place where I can connect with other writers, whine, cheer, sigh, just let it all hang out, and everyone else understands. That’s the great thing about being among other authors. Someone always understands. Add in the accountability factor and I’m encouraged and happy.

Each month I look forward to the new thread, new goals, and all my Diva friends to hang out with. 🙂

Carpal Tunnel Sucks

Ugh! A year ago, I didn’t have this problem. Now, any amount of typing makes my hands tingly. It definitely makes writing difficult. I bought wrist splints and am wearing them now. Sometimes they help a lot and other times it doesn’t matter. I also bought Dragon Dictate for Mac, but I’m having a hard time getting used to speaking my writing and getting the darn thing to understand me.

I knew, when I bought it, that the Mac version isn’t nearly as good as the one for PC, but I wasn’t going to not use my Mac. I have both kind of computers, and my PC is a huge, heavy 17″ laptop that I don’t want to pull out every single day. Plus, Scrivener for PC isn’t nearly as good as Scrivener for Mac. And my Mac Pro is only 13″ and so much lighter. I figured I could eventually train the software.

I’m hoping I still can, but it’s very frustrating to have it get words right, and corrections aren’t any easier. It’s funny because I didn’t mind it at first. But the last time I used it, I wanted to smash the computer. I’ll keep trying. Hopefully it’ll learn. Then maybe I won’t have to use my hands for anything but designing. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Italian Curse Words

I wanted to title this vaffanculo, which means fuck off, in Italian, but I figured most wouldn’t know what I was talking about. 😛

I recently finished a short story and sent it to my publisher. It’s based in the world of my newest series, Death by the Numbers. Book 1 releases this fall. I’ll let you know the date when I learn it. It’s title is One Ghost & Blueberry Peach Jam. The short story will feature in a holiday anthology this year. So I’m laying in bed the other night and it dawns on me. In book 1, Gianna uses an array of Italian curses. She and her siblings learned them as kids, and their parents didn’t get on their cases as much when they slipped and said one, unlike the English versions. So they continued to use the more colorful ones in their adult years.

See? I had this whole backstory. I even researched the words because while I heard them here and there growing up, I haven’t lived in New York in almost three decades.

But as I’m laying in bed, I realize Gianna doesn’t utter a single curse word in the short story. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not like her. That’s not to say she swears a lot, just when necessary, but there is one scene in the short where I can add one. I mean, she is on a rooftop, looking down, and slightly afraid of heights. Luckily it hasn’t gone to my editor yet, so I have time to add a word or two and send it back. Whew! 😉

The Sims 4

I told myself that if I finished my book in August, I’d treat myself to the Sims 4, which releases TODAY! Check out this video if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

I was super excited. When the Sims 3 came out, my computer was too old, and I couldn’t play it. I didn’t end up replacing the computer for a couple of years, so I didn’t buy the game until several expansion packs had already been released. This time I wanted to get it immediately.

But then I learned the base game (which runs for $60 and $80) won’t include pools (which I can do without) or toddlers (are you flipping serious?). WTH? That with the cartoony look and the awful hair, I decided to wait. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it goes down in price or they have a major sale. I definitely still want it, but I can wait. Besides, I didn’t get the book written.

Are there any video games you love and play often?