Two Ghosts & A Love Song Reveal

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. I keep telling myself I’m going to start again, and then life and writing get in the way. It’s okay, since writing always comes first anyway. But I am stopping by long enough to share with you. I received the cover for my next book, #2 in the Dead by the Numbers series.

It’s titled Two Ghosts & A Love Song, and it releases in January. I have the blurb below, but I’ll be back with buy links when I get them. 🙂


Gianna Mancini does not have your average problems. Sure, her family is loud, her love life complicated, and her career still struggling to get off the ground. But Gianna has unique problems too…she sees dead people.

And when a small explosion happens not far from her home, Gianna discovers the ghost of Thomas Sterling, son of the Sterling automotive empire. He refuses to move on to the afterlife until Gianna tells his fiancée, Serena, that he loves her. Not one to let the dead linger, Gianna locates the woman and passes on the message…but nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

One message from the beyond turns into a warning to the very much alive, and Gianna suddenly find herself trying to keep Serena safe. Between her duties to the dead, auditioning for a singing gig, and trying to get rid of Freezer Dude, a pesky ghost from her past, Gianna has her hands more than full. With help from her boyfriend, Julian, and her cop brother, Enzo, Gianna needs to find the killer fast…before she end up on “the other side.”