Cupcakes, Butterflies & Dead Guys

Cupcakes, Butterflies and Dead Guys Cover Art

Cupcakes, Butterflies & Dead Guys

Gianna Mancini Mysteries, Book 3


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Gemma Halliday Publishing (November 2, 2016)
ISBN-13: 9781539012467 • ISBN-10: 1539012468

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From National Bestselling author Jennifer Fischetto comes another laugh-out-loud Gianna Mancini Mystery…

When Gianna Mancini, reluctant ghost whisperer and plus-sized shoeista, attends a bridal shower for a family friend, she doesn’t expect to see her favorite movie star, Raina Stone in attendance. Too bad Gianna’s gift of communicating with the dead doesn’t give her the ability to predict the future. If it did, she’d have known she was about to stumble on Raina’s dead body.

The police rule it as an accident, but something feels off to Gianna. With the help of her dead Aunt Stella and a grumpy ghost named Freezer Dude, Gianna discovers that the celebrity was harboring secrets from her past. Secrets that may have contributed to her death. Between spying on suspects with Aunt Stella to having to rescue her favorite boots from Raina’s quirky manager, Gianna has her work cut out for her.

The closer Gianna gets to the truth, the more danger seems to find her, and if she’s not careful, she may just end up crossing to the other side.


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