That’s the name of Dad’s brew bar–a coffee and wine shop on Main Street in Cape Eden. It’s open seven days a week, which means he practically lives there, and I don’t blame him because his coffee is amazing. Rich and robust but never bitter and every variation you can imagine. And the wine he […]

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It’s finally springtime here in Cape Eden. The nights are still chilly, and some days too, but I believe there won’t be any more soft, white flakes falling from the sky. The grass is green again, and the air smells fresh, clean, and inviting. While all the seasons are nice here, this is one of […]

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Welcome to Logan’s World!

Lotsa Love, Logan is a blog written by fictional character, jewelry designer & amateur sleuth Logan Moretti, who leads a new upcoming series titled Gemstone Mysteries, by Jennifer Fischetto.

Marshall Point Lighthouse, Maine USA

Visit weekly to read more about Logan’s life in the coastal New England town of Cape Eden.

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