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April 2, 2018 | Cape Eden | 0 comments

It's finally springtime here in Cape Eden. The nights are still chilly, and some days too, but I believe there won't be any more soft, white flakes falling from the sky. The grass is green again, and the air smells fresh, clean, and inviting.

While all the seasons are nice here, this is one of my favorites. Cape Eden is big for it's seasonal events, and yesterday there was the Easter Egg Hunt in the park. The community center decorated plastic, brightly colored eggs--filled with non-allergenic candies, money, and little trinkets--and hid them throughout the park. Then all residents under fourteen were invited to find them.

Late this month, there will be a Spring Day Dance, which is for the teens. It's held during Spring break. It wasn't popular until last year when the community center hired a local band started a dance contest and the winner received recognition, a $100 gift card, and their photo on the band's social media pages. It was videotaped and went viral overnight. Everyone is still talking about it, and last I heard, the teens can't wait to go this year.

Cape Eden is a great town to live in.
Is there anything about your town that makes spring more exciting? Something you look forward to each year?



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