Happy New Year!

January 1, 2018 | Holidays | 0 comments

I'm not big on resolutions. It usually starts off well enough, with a lot of good intentions, but sooner rather than later, I crash and burn and stop whatever it is I said I'd do. No more dieting because the jelly doughnuts called my name too loudly one Monday morning. Or that 2-mile walk got canceled due to unexpected snow, even though I have enough workout DVDs to not get bored for a very long time.

This year, however, I plan to blog more, make new friends, enjoy new experiences, and hopefully create a ton of new jewelry. And meeting a great guy wouldn't be the worst thing ever. ;)

Do you have any resolutions or plans? Whatever they are or aren't, I hope they make you smile often.

So Happy New Year and let's kick 2018's butt!

Lotsa love,


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